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Can you please send me the strict diet?

Able900;4527 wrote: VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:
You should be taking a supplement called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three days prior to starting any Candida treatment or diet; this includes before the cleanse or diet. Follow the instructions on the Molybdenum website above.
If you wish to do a cleanse or detox before starting the diet, this is A Safe and Easier Cleanse than most of the ones you’ll see on the internet.

If you are are interested in a more extreme approach to treating a Candida overgrowth aimed at reaching a cure quicker than the normal Candida diet, building your immune system, and treating leaky gut syndrome, there is an alternate, stricter diet available.

As stated in the beginning, you should not start the alternate diet unless you have been taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for at least three full days prior to starting the diet. And know that, even if you’re taking Molybdenum, there is still a chance that you will experience die-off symptoms
As far as testimonies to the strict diet are concerned; I cured my own infestation in a comparably short period of time with the strict diet and the supplements and ideas suggested on the protocol.

The protocol was designed by Raster and myself, and the stricter diet is the exact diet I used over a year ago while curing my own infestation. Also there are many people on the forum who have or who are now using the diet who can attest to its effectiveness. For more information on this, read the following post. Stories of Success

NOTE: If you do not follow the instructions for the diet as they are written, you’ll have an increased chance of experiencing problems while on the diet. I will not debate the alternative diet with anyone as I designed the diet for myself and know that it works. If you ask for the diet and make use of it, you have been warned of the possibilities connected with not following the diet precisely as designed. Also be aware that, depending on the degree of your own infestation, even though the diet was also designed to treat both leaky gut and allergies you may still experience problems connected with these while on the diet as no diet is capable of curing these symptoms immediately.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE THE DIET: I prefer to know a bit about you when I send you the diet, so if you’d like to have the lik to the diet, simply send me a private message on the forum with the following information if you haven’t posted it on the forum;
duration of your infestation, treatments you’ve tried in the past, present symptoms, and what you are doing at this time to treat the infestation. This doesn’t have to be a long letter, just state the facts that I’ve asked for.

You should be aware that, if you manage to come to a complete cure and rid yourself of all of the symptoms you’re experiencing with your Candida infestation, and then decide to return to your old eating habits of a high sugar and high carb diet which were initially at least partially to blame for your infestation, the chances are ‘great’ that you will contract another Candida infestation, the infestation may return worse than it was in the beginning. Once an illness or disease is cured does not guarantee you that it will never return, and this is especially true with this infestation if you go back to your old habits. Many people have a problem with this thought, but you should see that it’s nothing but common sense.

If you have questions concerning the use of the diet, you can post those here on the forum as several of the experts as well as others are presently using the diet.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t plan to or if you don’t believe you have the will power to stay precisely on this diet as it is written, you’re wasting my time and yours by asking me to send it to you. Please understand that this offer is not meant for curiosity seekers but only for those who are serious about curing the infestation with a stricter diet and the Protocol on the forum.

I make no claim that the diet and/or the protocol on the forum will cure you because, in the end, the cure is completely up to you and no one else.