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Hello, Olivia, welcome to the forum.

oh_livia wrote: I usually sprout my own lentils, clover, and almonds, and would venture into other types of sprouts if it were ok.Does sprouting legumes make them less starchy and therefore ok for stage one of the diet?

Probably. I think sprouts would be acceptable on the diet.

I understand that nuts and seeds contain mold, so does washing them in grapefruit seed extract work to rid them of all the mold? Or do they have to be roasted?

That should help. I suppose there‚Äôs really no way of knowing for a fact that all mold is removed by any method. I would be careful about eating too many nuts and too often. Most people have problems with all nuts whether they’re treated or not.

If sprouts ARE ok, can they be used during the cleanse? Especially if juiced?


Do hemp seeds/powder not contain mold?

Organic hemp seeds are suggested since they have a much less chance of containing mold. These are normally used by those who are trying to avoid meat protein but are allergic to eggs.

I am also concerned about the amount of mold in my house. I already signed the lease for another year. Any tips on getting rid of it?

Wash down the walls, closets, and windows with distilled white vinegar. Just be sure to wear a mask and rubber gloves if you do the cleaning yourself. After the cleaning, you could install a dehumidifier.