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Hey Able rastmaster and friends!,

Able thanks for these posts as they are helpful. I am confused however on the phases.

I am in phase 1 i guess? I am on day 5 (woot go me!) of eating just lemon water,

vitamineral green w/ water and green veggies and some vitamins. So i am waiting till

i stop having reactions and looking to my skin for that as i believe my eczema was

brought on by candida infestation. So i think this cleansing part/phase 1 you said

was a two week deal but to wait till i stop seeing reactions. (I was thinking 21 days

just in case.) In phase 2 i can start introducing things on your allowed foods list?

Phase 2 is after that phase 1/cleanse right? When does phase 3 take effect? In phase 3 are fruit

allowed? Berries that is> blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries etc. They have much less

sugar. I mean at some point we get fruit back in our diet. Is that phase 3? And i

must know, is cacao beans or nibs allowed at any point? I read that cacao beans

have no sugar. Kinda heartbroken since i read that those “chocolate” toasted nuts and

carob coconut blobs are not allowed because carob has sugar! I never knewww. Damn. I was thinking maybe i

could sub cacao beans/nibs for carob in those recipes.I was looking forward to

enjoying those in phase 3. Phase 3? When is phase 3 exactly? Thanks for listening guys. If

anyone could clear me up on the different phases (1,2 and 3) and when they happen,

what to look out for etc. it would be greatly appreciated. You guys are awesome as

always 🙂