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Marbro wrote: I understand that consuming Kefir assists in digestion so that nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t be absorbed as a result of bad digestion from illness like candida can in fact be absorbed. So I believe with proper care, a variety of foods can in fact be introduced to the system as long as they are not feeding the candida. This also may assist in preventing allergies more so in some folks than avoiding foods all together.

Poor digestion is almost always a problem with a Candida albicans infestation, and kefir definitely helps the problem. Probiotics do the same thing.

However, allergies associated with intestinal hyperpermeability are not about bad digestion and they’re not even about the Candida anymore than they’re about a typical food allergy. It’s about foods that haven’t had a chance to be digested before they’re excreted through the permeated walls of the intestines directly into the bloodstream. Until time passes, and the gut is healed and repaired, this will continue regardless of supplements. The only way to prevent more allergic reactions is to lower the total number of foods that can potentially inter directly into the bloodstream via the intestinal walls causing new allergies to erupt; and as far as I know, there’s only one way to do that until research can come up with a quicker cure than slowly healing the gut.

Speaking of kefir; since it helps in adding to the beneficial flora populaltion in the gut, it will help to heal the intestines.