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I’ve recently started the candida diet again after stopping it at christmas so I am at the beginning stage again. I just wondered whether almond milk is okay in stage one as I read a post by Able that almond flour is okay once baked because the mold will be killed. Would this work in the same way for almond milk if heated?

Also I was just wondering why blueberries or raspberries are not a test food after 4 weeks, like the granny smith apple. I thought these two fruits had less fructose in them than the apple?

Also are yeast free stocks allowed? Ingredients: sea salt, hydrolysed soya and maize protein, vegetable fat, carrot, onion, tomato, herbs (lovage, parsley), spices (celery, pepper, mace, tumeric).

Sorry one last question!

How often can stevia be eaten?