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Jo*Jo wrote:

The link to the website’s Allowed Foods List.

Candida Diet

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You should be taking a supplement called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three days prior to starting your treatment; this includes before the cleanse or diet. See the link below for more information.

Organic butter is on the diet. If you have problems from this it’s because butter, even organic butter is dairy, and some people have problems with using it with the infestation. If you develop problems, simply remove it from your diet. A good substitute for butter is a product found on the internet called “ghee.”

Plain yogurt is on the diet as well, but Greek organic plain yogurt is a better choice.

Wild Game

List of fish and mercury contents:
Keep in mind that all the above are animal protein foods and can cause additional ammonia in your system which has been shown to hinder a Candida treatment. Having these animal proteins no more than 2 or 3 times a week is probably smarter than having more. In addition, most commercially purchased meats, unless they’re organic, contain both antibiotics and hormones which are both detrimental to your treatment. The best choices for your treatment are chicken and fish.

So it doesn’t really matter when you add these the products above, but I wouldn’t eat them during the detox period as the ammonia is a toxic substance and therefore is going to reduce the effect of detoxing the body.

Eggs: These are perfect for a Candida diet as long as they’re organic, and they can act as you major protein source.

Nuts and seeds are both on the list; be aware that these have a tendency of causing excessive mucus production which is something you want to avoid with the infestation. They can also contain mold, so soaking them as well as roasting can help remove the mold.

Wild and brown rice are on the diet; just keep in mind that both of these are starch, no matter which type you’re eating, and all starches can potentially feed the Candida, so I would eat this sparingly to be safe.

As far as brown rice bran, oat bran, millet, etc. are concerned, the most dependable brand is Organic Bob’s Red Meal. Amazon markets this brand.
A lot of you have questioned the safety of the foods mentioned above. Let me explain why these foods are important to the diet.

Oat bran flour (and brown rice bran flour) can be tested after two weeks on the diet and are both beneficial because they are high quality prebiotics which feed the beneficial bacteria, plus the extra calories help to prevent access weight loss. If you wish to test these before two weeks have passed, it’s your call, and the same goes for the foods below.

Coconut flour isn’t on the diet but can be used after two weeks because it’s not harmful to the treatment, it contains healthful nutrients, and because it’s a very good “filling” food item which can aid in stopping access weight loss.

Buckwheat can be tested after two weeks on the diet because it isn’t a grain but rather a plant seed which does not feed the Candida but contains high quality fiber which acts as a prebiotic, it contains needed nutrients, high-biological-value proteins and prevents extra weight loss.

Millet is a test food item (after two weeks), and it’s on the diet because it contains 6 grams of quality protein per serving, doesn’t feed the Candida and because it’s a prebiotic which can feed the beneficial bacteria. The most beneficial attribute belonging to millet is a specific molecule which makes up the energy currency of the body.

Teff flour isn’t on the diet but can be a test food also because it’s gluten-free; an excellent source of protein which is needed since avoiding meat on the diet is beneficial; it contains over 100 types of beneficial bacteria; and it contains wheat “bran” which is a prebiotic that feeds the bacteria; and it’s high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, as well as being a plus in avoiding excess weight loss.


Sorry, just to clarify. Do i use this foods list for the detox / cleanse or for the actual diet after that?

Hi – the actual diet post the cleanse.