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Hi Able! I;m new here and have been researching the forum for about 4 days. Already, I’m feeling better from getting off things that have been advised against on here. I haven’t been tested but would really like to since I can’t say if the problems I’m experiencing are systemic or not and what layers there are – thyroid, leaky gut, adrenals, candida. Should I get tested first through Live Blood Cell or stool or just do the diet?

So here’s me.

I’m female and discovered that (like many folks) I have allergies to latex and silicon. These create yeast infection like symptoms that usually have taken me months to quiet down. I’ve opted to totally change my lifestyle (and am really thankful for the understanding of what my body really needs now!), am now engaged, and have been changing my diet over the past 9 months. I’ve cut out coffee but not caffeine (as in green tea, some black tea, and raw cocao), cut out all dairy, except for those special occasions when I’m at a function and there is NOTHING else to eat but cheese! lol…

I have been having gas and burping very seriously until I switched back to Swedish Bitters only (teaspoon in small glass of water) and stopped taking enzymes. Even the cheeses did not impact me negatively once I took SB before my meal during a function this weekend!

I’ve experimented with all forms of green smoothies and my winner right now is kale, cilantro, cucs, green apple, celery and lemon. I’m thinking of going sans apple and adding garlic and a touch of hot green pepper.

My symptoms, besides bad gas and burping that are again responding fabulously to using the Swedish Bitters, have been acne since I was 10 which is now mostly over but I’m so hoping to improve my skin to a healthier glow and diminish scars and lines through a cleaner digestive tract and more balanced hormones.

My eye brows are thin, my hair has been thinner and not as fully bodied and healthy as I would like. I have some joint pain, especially hips and tend to have to baby my back and right hip – which I understand can be helped through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

I’ve gained about 10 lbs on my belly and hips since moving to a climate where winters are much colder and I don’t get outside as much – hopefully Spring will pick up here and I’ll be bike riding more and moving more. I still think my hormones could be better. My periods have been slowly getting more normal… (I’m 43 and at 37, began experiencing a sudden dramatic change to my up til then consistent 38 day cycles. I’ve been more normal in the last 9 months but have recently been spotting.)

I thought I was fine – ie, no candida – until I did MagO7 to cleanse my digestive system and took 5 caps each night. I began craving things like gluten and sugar while doing so and 10 days – 2 weeks into it, began itching vaginally like crazy! I stopped the MagO7 and then had more problems… couldn’t stop the itching! Went back to one cap a day to ease elimination and tried Pau D’arco tea afraid to try more stuff because all the advice seemed so confusing.

What’s helped TONS is taking a bath daily in apple cider vinegar, using stevia and no sugars (although some fruits have been okay like berries), taking the bitters before or after a meal, and stopping the Pau D’arco tea and REALIZING that I was drinking coconut water 2 -3 times daily which has been terrible for me so I stopped! Eating smaller meals has helped. I don’t eat animal products except for some cheeses and I try not to eat that… cutting out gluten and white grains… although I seem okay on Mary’s Gone Crackers.

I also take 1 Vaginal Support Probiotic in the morning and have been with Mega Flora now for about 4 – 5 months so I’m open to rotation… and how much, timing info would be great also! I usually take 300mg of Raw Vit C, 2000mg Raw Vit D, B-12, super silica, sometimes iodine drops, 1-3 wellness formula, and was taking Digestive Enzymes.

I’ve put my sex life on hold til I know what’s optimal – should he be tested also? Can we be sexual and be safe if I’m feeling better? I don’t douche but felt acv might be really helpful internally since its been so wonderful in the bath and stops all the itching!

Thank you from the fullness of my heart for what you all do here! This is AWESOME!