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On fermented foods:

I live in Asia, where the grocery stores abound with various fermented items.

I had read somewhere that fermented foods are a problem when combating yeast, and over-consumption of fermented foods can help prompt an overgrowth in the first place. So I’ve been avoiding anything and everything fermented.

So I was surprised (and thrilled) to see kim chi on the acceptable list. Kefir is a fermented food as well, right?


– Are all fermented foods okay, given that their base ingredients are from the acceptable list? Or are there only certain fermented foods that are acceptable?

– Are fermented foods (esp. kim chi) something that are especially beneficial and should be consumed often, or just simply an okay food to eat? Is there a limit on how much I should be eating per day/week?

– Also, why is black pepper not on the acceptable list?