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so I just returned from naturalpath. She is assuming my trip to the ER could of been from the yeast free flaxseed bread I ate that night, which I threw out right away cause my throat tickled. She said I had a lymphatic episode of Leaky Gut. My complaints as itchy ears, numb mouth, dry mouth and itchy face can possible be a mild allergy to one of her products which is rear. She also said it can be my immune system fighting off everything, which would assume bad die off. She said take one antifungal for 5 days and if no reaction add the other ones. I said ok but I will stay on one, maybe two and consume my coconut oil liquid. I just don’t know which one I m gonna try tonight? No gse you guys say? I ll do the Pau Darco mixed with Catalycic acid, the usa uvi leaf, or the olive leaf extract? Thoughts? I agree now that its too much and the die off is hitting me different. My digestive system is getting better with my 3 bm a day. But today I did see undigested food but she that is ok it will take awhile. I have bad Dysbiosis and my anxiety isn’t helping. So I m gonna get accupuncture for that. She gave me Ultra flora twice a day and colostrum twice a day 30 minutes before food. Afterwords I talked to one of her patience and said she got saved by my doc. She had worse symtpoms then mine and after a year she is pretty much symptom free so that made me feel good. Does that sound ok? For Raster or Able I d like to hear back, or anyone else with experience. Thanks guys and gals