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One thing which jumped out at me is you said the doc hinted at leaky gut. Leaky gut is very common with candida. Same with disbyosis, which is basically a mixed up and imbalanced GI flora which would explain the bacterial overgrowth your doc mentioned as well. When good flora are displaced either bad bacteria or yeast is going to take over that GI territory – thus the probiotics and yogurt to rebuild the good flora.

Also, Leaky gut causes false food allergies (though not to the extent of your symptoms) due to allowing large molecule food particles of all kinds to enter the blood stream which the body mounts an immune response to a perceived threat.

By the time most people figure out their issues are candida it’s been so long of a gradual take over, there is no question our immune systems are severely weakened. Thus, also boosting the immune system in various ways like increased Vit C, selenium, Iodine, etc, will all benefit helping your healing journey.

Don’t be to discouraged. Everyone here has different degrees of illness/candida, some with other underlying issues which perhaps even were the cause of candida overgrowing. Some have been battling this for years/decades and it takes a long time of experimenting with what works with YOUR body to figure out what works for you.

I’m sure Raster is going to be happy to hear you are going to try an acupuncturist: just remember with this type of treatment, it takes time for it to help the body re-balance itself.

Blessings and healing graces along your journey,