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I would get tested for food allegies and to see if you are allergic to candida. Most allergist offices do not know that you can test for candida, so you will have to find one that does know about it. Dvjorge has a post on the simulation shots and he can assist you with better information.

As far as food allergies, this could aid in you quest to get better because if you are allergic to nuts and eggs (but have been eating them), this could set back your progress. You could be allergic to coconut but are eating the bread. Typically if you are allergic to foods, you would have known it by now due to how bad you feel.

The ingredients in the shots themselves are not trustworthy in my opinion because they likely will contain a bunch of heavy metals and other junk that they put in vaccines, antibiotics, etc. They won’t ever disclose the complete list of ingredients. My naturopath advises against them and I trust his opinion because I’ve been able to get better without the simulation shots, etc.