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raster wrote: What I am saying is that allergies are caused by leaky gut or inflammation of the gut. If you heal leaky gut, you potentially can overcome all of your allergies to the point where they are no longer a detriment.

For instance, I was once quite allergic to molds and no I am not nearly as much to the point where I can have cheese occasionally if I wanted to. Same with sugar and almost everything else I was allergic to. I don’t want to jeopardize my treatment by cheating too much, but for a birthday I can eat things like this no problem.


My immunologist explained it to me when I got tested for allergies and was pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING. She said that SOME allergies you’re just born with — like peanuts or shellfish. But most are just sensitivities that can go away if leaky gut is healed.

I have apparently developed a new allergy to coconut, because whenever I have coconut flour or coconut oil, my throat and tongue tingle and burn. Rats.