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I feel that it is one of the single greatest health problems in the world and that it can cause many problems to a wide variety of people.

One of the problems is allergies for instance; many people could cure/treat their allergies if they just did the candida diet! They just don’t know it…

Another widespread problem is diabetes; the controlling of blood sugar levels can be controlled by the candida diet.

A third widespread problem is cancer; many anti-cancer diets out there such as the gerson therapy are very similar to the candida diet? Isn’t it a strange coincidence?

Obesity…isn’t it strange that you lose a ton of weight while on the candida diet? Then eventually your weight normalizes when you get to a health level? The simple reason the candida diet can cure obesity is that sugar, starches, grains, etc pack a TON of energy. This all cannot be used and so it is stored in the body.

Then there is the whole mental health problems; I bet a small percentage of mental health problems can be cured just by diet alone. I myself felt like I was going crazy just a year ago; I had anxiety attacks, hyperventilation, etc. Now I am a gentle, peaceful person!

And the list can go on and on…

Doctor’s don’t want to cure people, they just want to drug them up and don’t understand how everything in the body is related. They are like “hmm, I think drug A will work to fix this problem, then with the new side effects I have drug B to fix that.” I dare you to stand in the pharmacy line after 5pm and see how many people show up!