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mstewart wrote: So I am thinking that I am starting to figure out what is going on with my body and the candida and the health of our nation.
What I am getting is that if you have a candida infestation long enough it’s roots burrow their way through the intestinal tract. This causes leaky Gut Syndrome, where food particles can enter directly into the blood stream. It causes an immune system response and this in turn can cause you to have allergies to the foods that you consume.

This is why when people ask me what I can eat, I tell them that if it is consumed by the average american I can’t eat it. Because if I have leaky gut then I may have already formed an allergy to this food?

Is candida possibly the reason that so many more people are allergic to wheat and peanut butter etc.?

Absolutely. !

Some websites that propagate information about this syndrome tell people candida albicans attach or perforate the intestinal lining. This isn’t correct. To understand it you need to know about candida mutation and how the intestinal epithelium is formed. Firs, candida albicans is a polymorphic organism able to switch between at least 3 different forms. When it is in its yeast/seed form, it is a commensal organism with low pathogenesis living in the mucouses without causing mayor concern. The problem begin when this yeast form mutates to its mycelial form. The yeast form is an extracellular organism and don’t penetrate the cells. Insted, the fungus form (mycelia) is an intracellular/extracellular form that penetrate the cells and adopt a non-growing form but still alive and producing metabolic waste and toxins. How the pathogenic candida cause leaky gut ?? The fungus penetrates the GI epithelium and infect the cells. The intestinal lining permeability is regulated by a perfect cellular bind between cells. When the cells are infected, there is inflammation and tissue dilatation allowing small gaps between cells that permit undigested food particles to cross to the bloodstream. When this happen, the humoral immune response that you already have overactive, respond with an antibody formation against the undigested food. This is what cause food intolerance and allergies.

Regarding to gluten, there is a bigger risk when eating it during a candida infection. Candida sufferers MUST not it gluten in any form. It looks like the pathogenic form of candida has a protein sequence very similar to gliadin the main protein found in gluten. It means that an immune attack against candida will go also over gliadin causing the intestinal villi destruction and more serious complications. It is thought candida albicans trigger the develop of Celiac disease.
Please, don’t touch gluten in any form. !

I hope this help you understand it a little bit better.
Here is a link for you.