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Paperstars;59355 wrote: Die off is possible but so is an allergy to SF722, since you can be allergic to anything. SF722 is made from castor bean oil if I recall, so if you are intolerant to legumes then it’s a possibility unless Thorne is able to give 100% gaurantee that the oil is free of protein.

Yeah when I take SF722 I get stomach cramps hours afterward, I can’t really tell any major differences in my candida symptoms such as bloating, and constipation. And after three days of taking SF722 I started to break out on both sides of my mouth near the edges. It looks like I’m allergic to it.

I’m just going to take Bacillus Coagulans with yogurt, and fermented foods to see how this plays out. Antifungals just dont play well with me.