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Well theres 2 ways you can do this… you can either starve off the candida, or try to kill it with antifungals… the way you use antifungals is you switch to a different antifungal every 7 days… this way the fungus doesnt have a chance to build a tolerance to them. You need to use several antifungals at once. Personally i didnt find killing the fungus this way to be very effective for the money you put into it, so i ended up switching to the other method… starving the fungus off. the more you starve off the fungus the easier itll be to finish off with the antifungals.

Usually you wouldnt start probiotics until later in the treatment.

6 months ago i had candida so bad you couldnt see any pink on my tongue at all.. now you cant see any white on my tongue at all.. i messed up many times in the diet as well, but everytime i messed up i just went back to the program the next day and tried to stick to it. The candida plays tricks with your mind.. it makes you think you need sugar, but when you get cravings you just gotta remember.. this is not going to help me get any better and it isnt going to make me feel any better.. and have some stevia sweetened oatmeal or something.

One thing that helped heal my gut was aloe vera juice… try taking some a bit before you take the liver detox… if that doesnt work then drink the aloe vera juice everyday until you are able to tolerate the liver flush. I bought 1 bottle of it and it seemed to help my stomach big time, and it also helped my candida a bit as well.. but not as well as antifungals or anything.

I find that your liver does the majority of the work in fighting candida. Other ways you can help your liver are by eating lemons/ limes, or by juicing them and drinking them right away… especially after meals… it aids digestion, supports your liver and helps reduce food allergies after meals (if you have any).

Yeah i agree the husk does make the stomach bleed.. might be better off waiting until your gut heals some more first.. i noticed it definately makes a big difference in fighting the candida though, especially if you have bad constipation… or you always could use colonic irrigation with coffee.. it cleans you right out.