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Hey it happens… your best bet is to start over, you want to cleanse your body first by sticking to stage 1 foods… only veggies for 14 days. Make the soup broth everyday. Make sure you take the husk fibre and bertonite clay, and your liver flush every night. After you get used to the routine it will just be part of your day.

I have messed up many times in treating my candida… they were only minor setbacks, but in order to get better you have to get used to the routine and stick to it for a few months to really make progress in healing your gut. I notice that once i mess up once it would discourage be and i would be tempted to give up on the program all together but even if you do it is much better to stick to it.. remember it is only a minor setback and it is still much better to stick to the program even though you had a setback so you dont lose what progress you worked so hard for.

buy some stevia for when you have sweet cravings… what i do now when im craving sugar is make a bowl of oatmeal, put lots of cinnimon in it and some sugar free almond milk, with 2 packs of stevia… almost tastes like a dessert and takes care of your sweet tooth.