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So it’s decided then. Candida and fungus produce acidity, and acidity is a sign of bad health.


If it is true that the stomach acid defeats pathogens, fine and well. But once you have a Candida infestation, what is the use of raising the acidity in your body or stomach when acidity is one of your symptoms?

So if the PH of the large intestine is, say, slightly acidic under normal cirumstances, and then very acidic when infested, then you would want to alkalize and raise your PH back to near neutral.

Taking alkalized water does not neutralize your stomach acid as I found from my doctor, he informed me that water is not absorbed in the stomach. A lot of water during a meal does slow down digestion, but this doesn’t mean that it is neutralizing your stomach acid necessarily. In between meals it looks like water just passes on to the small intestine where it is then absorbed by the body. Alakaline water would therefore naturally balance with the alkaline environment of the small intestine.