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No, i didn’t say that the site had any reference to candida albicans. They talk about how the body is at it’s healthiest in an alkaline state and that an acidic PH makes an environment suitible for spread of toxins/pathogens.. or atleast if it didn’t say that on that particular site there was other general sites that i came across that promote this idea. I can’t remember if they said anything specifically about intestinal PH but i figured they meant that as well given they were taking about general body PH/health. I should note that i wasn’t talking about sites that speicifcally referenced Candida Albicans but just general health promoting sites.

They promote that things with lots of sugar and heavily processed stuff all contribute to the body becoming more acidic.. i’m not sure if i read here somewhere on the forum that these things have an oppisite alkaline effect on the body.. can you just clarify this please? Obviously i know that the sugar feeds the candida i was just curious about the relation to the PH part.