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raster wrote: my naturopath feels that I am too acidic and that my pH will balance in time while on the diet … but I ate almost a completely acidic diet for years consuming large amounts of coffee and dairy.

Just to be sure it’s clear to everyone; the acidic nature of foods is not the cause of a Candida overgrowth, it’s the carbohydrates and sugar that are normally in acidic foods that contribute to the overgrowth. To put that another way, we don’t obtain the acids necessary to protect the intestines and stomach from acidic foods; these acids are supplied by beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

In order for the bacteria to produce enough of these acids, the population has to be plentiful enough. Creating the needed population of bacteria is accomplished by eating fermented food sources and prebiotic foods and taking probiotics, not by eating acidic foods.

The average pH balance of the body as a whole has nothing to do with the advancement of a Candida infestation or the fact that someone contracts it in the first place. What does make a difference is the pH balance of the intestines and stomach. An extremely low acidic environment in the intestines is beneficial to the growth of Candida and other pathogens; and the cause of this is a lack of the beneficial bacteria which produce the acids. Once you’ve rebuilt the flora significantly so that the bacteria can reestablish an acidic environment, that’s when the Candida overgrowth begins to decrease at a greater rate than when simply killing them with antifungals.

When a doctor obtains the pH balance of the urine, blood, or saliva, this is not going to give you a clue as to the condition of the intestines.