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I’ve been dizzy lately too. If I tilt my head backwards and look up at the ceiling, it’s really bad. But I can maintain my balance if I just don’t do that. So…I don’t do that, except for just now to test it again. LOL! I haven’t gotten any molybdenum yet, I have to wait until I get paid Wednesday. It’s rough being on such a limited income.
I know what you mean about progress. The only symptoms I really give a flying fart about are the rectal itching which is just plain aggravating and embarrassing. I want it to go away SO bad. I’m thinking of starting a regiment that includes enemas. (to me that just sounds SO gross!)
I often wonder if what I’m doing is making me more sick. Maybe my body just doesn’t like all this healthy stuff. Maybe my symptoms would go away if I started eating junk again. But then, I get chicken to try it in fear that I would get even sicker. Besides, I KNOW that all that awful processed food isn’t good for me. So I have to talk myself into keeping up this regiment every day. I’m exhausted. I’m depressed. I’m miserable.
I’m hopefully getting some Candex soon, but I don’t dare get excited about it working because disappointment is the middle name of Candida.
Sorry…I’m not being very encouraging. I just know we’re in the same boat and somehow having some company in that boat is somewhat comforting.