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well, officially finishing day 6 of a (modified) cleanse.

So today makes a week, congratulations! Seriously, milestones are important to recognize in this battle, even what appears to be a small one.

A little irritable and had a panic attack last night after an argument with a family member (sigh.. it’s been awhile since I last had one of those) but I was able to bring myself back into control within about 20 minutes which was good.

Great that you can control those yourself; not an easy task to learn for most people.
Sorry in case I’m repeating myself to you, but if you’ve never heard of an herb called Ashwagandha, it’s worth looking into as a mood stabilizer, for low energy, and sleeplessness in general which can lead to depression.

Bloating has definitely gone down. Craving for sweets, breads, and lots of other foods definitely present but holding firm.

Just give the cravings a little more time, that really should already be lessening in intensity.

I’m really missing my white wine and also gin martinis! sigh…

Well that generated a bit of a chuckle as I remembered the good old days. And yep,
I bet you are.

Be careful out there.