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wishnhope wrote: Went out again last night to a friend’s where there were about 11 kinds of insanely good food (salmon, pork, homemade pies, sweet potato fries.. but all covered in blasted butter and/or balsamic and/ or cheese! grrr)

A growl pretty much describes it –

I had my hard boiled egg, asparagus, and piece of coconut bread. It was worth it to not feel sick at all or sleepy or uncomfortable (well, in retrospect it was worth it!)

I know it’s difficult as you’re making the decision and trying to stick with it, but like you say, it’s worth it in the end – when you actually feel like you might live to see the next day.

I also grabbed some zinc. Are we supposed to have the chelated type of zinc?

It certainly shouldn’t hurt, may even be of more benefit when it comes to removing the toxins from the liver.

Good going, and excellent decision.