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thanks for the encouragement, guys.
I’m currently in day 3 of the cleanse. It’s pretty awful 🙁 I threw up this morning after eating my eggs with spinach. I’m feeling weak, irritable, foggy.. already struggling. Hoping my molybdenum I ordered last week will arrive today 🙁
If I keep struggling to keep food down I think I’m going to add in kefir and maybe some tuna (can I even eat tuna? I’m unsure).. something with a little more substance than just veg. I’m hesitating to take any more coconut oil because i don’t want to associate the taste of it with being so sick as that usually turns me off a food for good.

I was hoping to be able to accomplish 10 days of cleanse before starting, but I may have to just head straight into the phase 1 diet. sigh.