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wishnhope wrote: well, today is day 9.. had a hard time falling asleep last night and woke up late for work today.

You might try taking 5-HTP or Ashwagandha to help. Both of these are natural supplements.

I am going to start taking 3 molybdenums (150’s) a day to see if that helps (I think I remember Able saying up to 3 was ok?)

No, what I said was up to three doses a day if you’re taking 250 mcg per dose. You’re only taking 150 mcg, so this means to receive 750 mcg you need to take five a day to prevent die-off when you’re eating something as powerful as coconut oil.
There’s no wonder you have die-off since you’re taking only 150 mcg a day, that’s not even one dose. Jack that number up and get rid of that headache.