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The bloating is likely going to be a long term symptom that comes and goes as well as the UTI’s from my experience with other forum members that are on here. You basically have to clean out your system and reverse your health problems for these to go away. But as far as what are these digestive problems you suffer from, we don’t know what is going on!

It could be a combination of a variety of things. One of the major ones that most candida sufferers have is lack of stomach acid:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

Another part of your symptoms could be related to liver health:–will-edit-more-in-time.aspx

Do you have a detox plan?

The lump in throat could be dehydration, thyroid related issues, strept throat, mono, etc. We don’t know what it is but its best to get professional help when figuring out all of this.