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Sorry to hear you’re going through this, I think the hardest thing about dealing with Candida is that ultimately you have to figure things out mostly on your own. (Although forums like this help TONS)

I don’t know what it is about doctors and dealing with Candida, I read a post somewhere else how much of a scam Candida overgrowth is and it’s meant to make you spend money on useless diets and supplements.

I consider it ironic since going to the doctors has cost me around $500 out of pocket, I got no answers and two anti-anxiety prescriptions and a promise that I could get anti-depressants in two months if I didn’t feel better by then. They didn’t even consider the fact that some of us may not want to go on anti-depressants and be hooked on drugs for who knows how long. (Also I didn’t want to risk developing any more symptoms due to side effects).

I think this past month has been horrible for me because I was also given antibiotics for H.Pilory (2 different kinds for 14 days) and it may have aggravated what was already there.

1. I have been bloating after meals (esp with vegetables) AFTER starting the cleanse…normal??
Candida and Candida die-off has a TON of side effects, I’d suggest doing some research on your symptoms because candida and the die-off can manifest in different ways from one person to the next. (Mine was mostly brain fog, severe fatigue and depression, I have other physical symptoms but I’m usually good at putting up with those).
2. I have an on and off feeling like I have a lump in my throat and at the same time, I get a dull ear ache..has anyone else had this?
This could be multiple things, I don’t know if entirely related to candida or not, I went through the antibiotic course for H.Pilory and when I was researching that I read quite a few people talk about having a lump in their throats. Do you suffer from acid reflux? Did they check your Thyroid?
3. I am on day 6 on diet and have woken up to a this a part of the die off or would you say the diet isn’t working??
I haven’t experience this but I’ve been dealing with white tongue since this started. As for the diet and this being die-off, it could be. I made a huge mistake when I started the diet because in my rush to get better I went cold turkey on everything, I felt good for 12 hours after cutting sugars and carbs but within one day I felt like I was back at the beginning of my antibiotic course. I didn’t do the research and I think I’m paying for it now. It’s important to prep yourself before the diet through detoxing, chelating and even gradually giving up sugars and carbs.

The general advice I hear for suspected die-off symptoms is to ease off on what you are doing and help your body detox all the stuff candida is pumping into your body. I’m on week 2 of my diet and I did a 3 day detox last week after I learned about it, I felt bad the remaining of this week until yesterday I read about Molybdenum/Milk Thistle(to help your liver) and Ashwagandha(for anxiety), I felt a difference yesterday and today.

I suggest to try and figure out what the best and least shocking approach is for you and to not get discouraged.

Also, I am not as knowledgeable as other people on the forums so take this with a grain of salt. There are other people on the forums that are very knowledgeable so it’s worth to keep coming back.

Sorry for the long reply and I hope some of it helps.