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Yes, no apple and the yogurt must be plain – although you can make it much tastier w/ stevia.

Do you like any veggies at all? I’d recommend experimenting with different veggies in your eggs. Google a recipe for a basic fritatta – it sounds fancy but it’s very easy. Minus any dairy, of course. I eat eggs a lot, but it should be mentioned that your best bet is to go for organic eggs. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, they have the best prices for organic meats & eggs. Or maybe a Whole Foods? I’m sorry I didn’t check your location before replying. The eggs I use are antiobiotic-free, cage-free, and organic (meaning the feed is even organic). But the biggie is staying away from the antibiotics regularly used in animal farming.

I buy frozen asparagus and sautee it for a bit, sometimes with onion, before adding the eggs. Or I do the same with fresh spinach. Or, I also buy a frozen 3 pepper & onion blend that cooks up fast in the skillet and then I just add the eggs to that, too. Eggs don’t have to be bland! You’ll wind up hating them if they are 😉 Seasonings that work well with eggs include chili powder, onion powder, sea salt, pepper, oregano, and rosemary (but not all together!) among others. Herdez salsa is approved for the diet and is nice from time to time on the eggs, too. Check the ingredients – mine has no vinegars, sweeteners, citric acid, or other preservatives.

If you have access to raw buckwheat groats (not toasted, not kasha) they can be added to the yogurt for a little crunch – kind of like GrapeNuts would be, only not really 😉

Hope this helps!