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iride wrote: After over a year of intestinal problems (bloating and nausea when I eat most carbohydrates), I finally went to the doctor yesterday. He pretty much said, “I don’t know; go see a naturopath.”

He also “doesn’t believe in” Candida overgrowth, which didn’t surprise me, but was willing to order any tests I want done. Any thoughts on what I should ask for? This is my list so far:

– intestinal parasites (whatever’s out there)
– the Candida antibody/antigen test linked to elsewhere on this site

I’m in Canada, so I don’t think this would cost me anything, where a naturopath is big bucks and I’m thinking would just put me on an elimination diet anyway.

I live in Canada, I too have a GP that will order what ever I ask, however no western doctor will order a yeast blood panel unless you present severe systemic candida symptoms. This is unfortunate because I took this route of having to get extensive food allergy/sensitivity testing done to which my Naturopath suggested to get Candida testing done. It is not that expensive, if you have insurance its quite affordable. But don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t order it, these tests are performed when a patient needs hospitalization with systemic infections. The two main blood tests are Candida Immune Complex & IgM IgG IgA ELISA, I had the latter, but testing is quite difficult to analyze because everybody has yeast in their bodies so false positives and negatives happen all the time. I would ask him to test for hydrogen breath test for Lactose, and get Food Allergy Testing done IgE, major contributor to leaky gut & skin rashes. You get five free classes of food per year with MSP. Ask to check TSH Free T3 Free T4. Testing for Leaky Gut from the GP The Intestinal Permeability Test, also called the Lactulose and Mannitol Test, measures the ability of two sugar molecules, mannitol and lactulose to permeate the intestinal lining.