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orka1998 wrote: No need to thank me. I am trying to help someone else the way people on this forum helped me when I started. I was confused, desperate, just feeling so ill and not sure what to do and if this is the right thing to do or not. Luckily I “spoke” to the people here on the forum and they confirmed that what I was going through was normal and they have gone through it in one way or another.

Going through this often makes you isolated and feeling so alone as most people around you can’t seem to understand it. I am teased all the time, I was also often told to go to the priest as I must be possessed or something etc. That gave them quite a laughter and I laughed with them when I was not to ill to do so. Most of the time I get that “it’s all in your head” attitude anyway.

Oh well, I am better now and did it all by myself (meaning without the help of the people who teased and joked)!

Share your feelings, fears and thoughts here and you will get a comfort by the people who do understand what you are going through.

As for the job, I am fortunate that my bosses put up with me although I can tell that they don’t really expect much of me. It’s quite obvious I cannot preform the way I did in the past, long hours are out of the question, I am barely putting in the required hours.

Once again, good luck and take care!


There are loads of people on this forum, but you are the first who has taken the time to reply, so the thanks are deserved. 🙂 There are so many people on here that need support that it must be a full time job responding to them all, so really thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply to anyone!

So how long have you had candida? What improvements have you seen? You say your boss doesn’t expect much of you now, does that mean you’re still suffering from brain fog after all this time?

I started writing this 2 days ago, but minimised it on my desktop and then forgot all about it. I guess my brain fog isn’t exactly clearing! I’ve been taking the Moly for 4 days now, and although I’m still foggy, I eventually remember things in flashes, and i also feel much less overwhelmed. It does seem to be bloating me though. Is that normal? I don’t think I’ve added anything else to my diet except that…

Also, my acne is getting worse again and I have no idea why. It’s like I’m slipping back to how things were before, but am still on a restrictive diet.

It does make a real difference knowing I’m not the only one going through this, and that there is an end to it all eventually, but it’s a long slog and it’s not going to be easy.