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mrs.candida;36868 wrote: My son brought something home from preschool. I suspect it’s something like strep throat. I have flue like symptoms. I already took vitamin C and molybdenum. Trying to drink water but only getting down a little chamomile tea. I can’t think of anything else to take, any suggestions?
I’m having head ache, body ache, lower back/fibromyalgia pain (probably kidneys aching from toxins), upset stomach, super weak.

I really doubt that you have the actual flu. If you did, you would more than likely be in the bed unable to post on the forum, especially with the addition of a Candida infestation plus die-off. It could be just a regular cold plus the symptoms of the Candida playing havoc with your body.

What I would do in your place is take 1000 mg of vitamin C every hour. Take it today until you retire, and if you wake up during the night, take another 1000 mg. Take around 8,000 mg again tomorrow, and hopefully the symptoms will begin to lessen after 48 hours. The truth is, once you actually have something like this, you can’t make it disappear, but if you catch it early enough, you can shorten the duration of the worse symptoms.

Part of your problems probably stem from the fact that your infestation is slowing growing worse because of the food you’re feeding them.

You really need to try harder to drink a lot of water right now. With these problems you could also become dehydrated.

Hope you feel better soon.