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What I would do to get better sleep:

-Go on walks if you don’t exercise, this helps greatly.
-Take a late night shower and this helps you relax.
-If you have a GF or wife, get a massage before sleep.
-Do not consume coffee or caffeine.
-Try high grade PS-100 that costs $50 per bottle. Big difference when compared to the cheap stuff. Do not skimp on brain chemical supplements!
-Flax oil is cheap and take on a tablespoon a few hours before bed.
-If night time urination is a problem, could be your thyroid or liver health and this needs to be addressed seperately.
-Acupuncture is quite effective for sleep.
-Melatonin works when used infrequently but don’t become reliant on it.

I also take prescription drugs to sleep and I have taken amytriptaline for about 14 years now (I am now down to half dose of 12.5 mg). From my experience with prescription drugs, you have to keep on trying stuff out until you find one that works. I tried ambien, trazadone, nortryptaline, and like 5 other ones and amytryptaline was only one that worked really well. Some of them really mess up your sleep bad; I had a bad reaction to trazadone and it caused me to not sleep for 7 days straight after using it safely for one year! Sometimes the generic stuff doesn’t work when compared to the regular brand stuff.