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Vegan Catlady
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Gauttsu;56348 wrote:
Thanks for the information. That link seems to be very useful. The biggest issue I have with the Adrenal Vs. Thyroid issue is if you are adrenal fatigued, chances are your thyroid is not working properly either. My understanding is that they have a definite link to one another.

I was told my ND that adrenal fatigue IS my root cause of candida, and stress will quite literally cause a flare without ingesting more than water.

Since I have been addressing my adrenal fatigue, with the ONLY antifungals being garlic and occasional coconut oil (2 tsp a day if I choose it that day)

I am now able to eat almost anything without my throat closing up.
Prior to this, even a grape would cause throat soreness.

I have a long way to go I think (atleast 2-3 more months) but the difference in doing adrenal support has been night and day.

Dr Morse told me that I could just handle the adrenals, but that if instead I handled my endocrine system- handling adrenals,thyroid,pituitary, ect, I could get rid of my chills and depression. Both are gone. The fastest change was my mood, within DAYS of taking my herbal tinctures. The adrenals- not so much. He says that could take months to heal.