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ThomasJoel2;56303 wrote: Adrenal fatigue isn’t really a root cause. It’s more so yet another complication that often accompanies candida. You’re wise to look into it.

My personal experience with adrenal fatigue is that supplementing for your adrenals can make a tremendous impact. Tracking your daily temps can give you a better idea of how your adrenals and thyroid are functioning. Check out this webpage: Low temps indicate thyroid issues and widely fluctuating temps indicate adrenal issues.

Adrenal cortex extract is the supplement I use to support my adrenals. It’s by far the most important supplement I take. Back when I was super fatigued the difference between being on it and off it was night and day.

Hope that helps a little bit. I’ll post more later.

Thanks for the information. That link seems to be very useful. The biggest issue I have with the Adrenal Vs. Thyroid issue is if you are adrenal fatigued, chances are your thyroid is not working properly either. My understanding is that they have a definite link to one another.