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Thanks for the support guys. I didn’t even think about the iodine so I might work that in. Licorice root has seemed to help. At first I think I had a leaky gut reaction to it but it’s been about a week and I tolerate it fine now. I’m trying to get in to a naturopath raster but it’s tough, I have limited benefits and I have to drive out of state to see an ND because they can’t become board certified in Rhode Island. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to truly heal unless I find a good naturopath so I’m making it a priority. I have an appointment with one early November so I’m hoping that will be a turning point. I’m just trying to find a way to keep going until then, especially with work so I can keep my healthcare. BTW one of the biggest things that has helped me so far is ashwagandha. My worried thoughts and anxiety slowed down and I’ve been much less stressed out since I got on it, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.