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jereseib wrote:
I too have been suffering from adrenal problems that are convinced are the root of my candida problems. If I am under any kind of stress whether negative or positive my cortisol levels skyrocket. I had some adrenal tests done and my cortisol levels were extremely high even when I was sleeping. Ususally after a few days or weeks I completely crash and get extremely depressed and barely able to function.

In my experience there is a strong correlation between adrenal funciton and candida. Whenever I have an adrenal crash the candida comes back alot worse. I think one of the keys to beating this thing is reducing your stress load as much as possible so your adrenals can heal and the ant-fungals and probiotics can do their job.

Well, at least I know I’m not alone. Many of the same symptoms in response to stress and the resultant crash.

I agree, there is a strong connection between candida and adrenal/thyroids. Wonder if you have low iron as well?