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dforbreakfast wrote:

I too have been suffering from adrenal problems that are convinced are the root of my candida problems. If I am under any kind of stress whether negative or positive my cortisol levels skyrocket. I had some adrenal tests done and my cortisol levels were extremely high even when I was sleeping. Ususally after a few days or weeks I completely crash and get extremely depressed and barely able to function.

My doctors have me on a substance called HPA Calm that contains Phosphatidyl Serine which is suppose to reduce the release of cortisol. Im also taking Ashwagandha and 5-htp since my serotonin levels were low along with the anti-fungals and probiotics.

In my experience there is a strong correlation between adrenal funciton and candida. Whenever I have an adrenal crash the candida comes back alot worse. I think one of the keys to beating this thing is reducing your stress load as much as possible so your adrenals can heal and the ant-fungals and probiotics can do their job.

So what would you recommend for someone just starting out trying to get their stress levels down, as far as supplements? Is there just one I could take that would support my adrenals enough?

It all depends. If you can I would strongly advise getting some lab tests done first. There is a lab called Pharmasan Labs in Wisconsin that my naturopath went through for mine. It will be able to tell you all your hormone levels.

If your adrenals are already exhausted then that means you arent making any cortisol so youd dont want to crash them any further by using sups that lower cortisol.
You would want some adrenal support formulas that would help build them back up.

My problem is my adrenals are extremely overactive in response to stress so after awhile they start getting fatigued. So for me its kind of a roller coaster where I feel really wired and nervous for awhile followed by a crash where I get extremely depressed and barely able to make it out of bed.