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Do you mean you got your symptoms because of die-off? That would mean that the anti-fungals would do their work within minutes. That, in turn, would mean that the candida could only have been in your mouth or esophagus. In addition, the toxins from the dead candida cells would have had to enter your blood stream within minutes. All of this seems a bit unlikely, if you ask me.

On a different note, where did you get your turmeric?

Turmeric that’s imported directly from India has an almost 100% probability of being infested with aspergillus mold. Aspergillus excretes aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are toxic, expecially to the liver, and they are carcinogenic.

Turmeric must therefore be grown under controlled conditions, and even then it must be checked for aflatoxins. It is not sufficient to kill or remove the aspergillus, because the aflatoxins remain even after the aspergillus is gone.

Turmeric that comes from a reputable and checked source is generally safe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing on this single ingredient. It just suddenly appeared to me that you did use an ingredient that could potentially be unsafe, and I thought I’d better mention this to you. Of course if your turmeric comes from a reputable and checked source, there’s nothing to worry about.