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What is ACV? Do you mean apple cider vinegar?

A bit of brain fog and fatigue after eating is normal. It’s commonly known as the after-lunch dip. But you mention a time of as little as two minutes between eating three small pickles and the onset of a severe brain fog. That’s too little time for the pickles to reach your intestines, let alone for any micro-organisms there to react to whatever may have been in your pickles.

Couls something else have been the cause in this case? I’m thinking of something like you having had a pretty stressful day, then creating your pickles, and finally sitting down and relaxing. Starting to relax may cause the fatigue that was already inside you but that was suppressed because you just had to go on, to suddenly show itself.

That’s what happens to me, sometimes. After I had many stressful hours, and then relax, all of a sudden a deep fatigue comes over me. I think that’s a normal reaction.

Now I don’t know if this may have been the case in your situation. That’s why I’m mentioning it. It’s just an idea to consider. If this does not apply to you, nothing is lost. If it does apply, then at least you now have an explanation.

Could you let me know if you recognise any of the above?