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Anthony16 wrote: Hi guys,
Just wondering if its actually possible to follow an active lifestyle on this diet?
My job is very active and involves plenty of outdoor work in cold weather up to 19 hours a day.
Well paid but when u dont have ur health it means nothing.
Can carbs be added in for those with this issue?

If you must because of your job then you must. However, just be aware once the die off starts you will not be feeling good at all and will not have much energy. If you push yourself too hard it will be really bad for your recovery. Your body is going through enough with the detoxing and die off, which magnify symptoms. Eat high calorie meals if you are doing this, such as avocados, coconut bread, oat bran, regular or full fat Greek yoghurt. The last thing you want to do is push yourself and not have enough calories to support yourself. Drink plenty of water, mineral water would be a better choice. And start taking your molybdenum. If you can find one, use a hot tub or sauna, if you can’t then use a hot bath at home with Epsom salts to relax and detoxify. Do not start with too many anti fungals at once and 2 weeks after you start the anti fungals start the probiotics. I am not sure if you have read through the protocol and all the supplements that you will need if not say so and I will post.