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Thanks immune. I’m going to take that advice and be less strict (Did not realize I was closer to the cleansing stage rather than the diet stage with what I have been doing).
I think I’ll start to include a lot of organic meats into the diet so that my body has something else to work on rather than cleansing. Shame I’m allergic to dairy and eggs though. I’ve tested including some of the grains in the okay list and I get a reaction to most of the ones I’ve tried so have just decided not to touch grains.

I’m guessing the meat should be organic/antibiotic free?

Also I found a home-delivery service at one of the stores I shop at. Perfect incase the weakness doesn’t let up (It is really strong every since I woke up today). Honestly I wanted to rush right into detox because I’m sick of being sick and just want it over with! Sometimes it’s great to be able to say “This is probably the worst of it” rather than fearing when the worst of it will be. But I definitely don’t want to start yo-yoing.

How bizarre that right now things like soda, chocolate pancakes and other sucrose-dense foods seem like poison, but FRUIT seems absolutely godly. Fructose is so addictive