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approximately_me;54384 wrote: Hi there.

I was thinking about adding in Acacia Gum as a prebiotic/soluble fibre. Someone recommended it to me who has had benefit with it. I’ve found studies that indicate it’s at least as good as Inulin in terms of growing healthy gut bacteria.

However, Able used to write that Acacia was also a sugar that will feed the yeast. I recently had a bad candida flare up so I’m a little hesitant.

Has anybody tried Acacia and what was your experience?

I have used Acacia in the past with no benefit or detriment.
Acacia, Inulin, Pectin, FOS, B-Glucan, and other soluble fibers have a very limited effect on those with intestinal candidiasis or dysbiosis.

The above prebiotics are great for people who have the right bacteria (quantity & diversity) to digest them.