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Thanks for your answers.

Normal standard? Why??? As I wrote, I never had antibiotics for any of my root canals. There is simply no reason to prescribe them!

(But then, I live in a country that is known for its very low use of antibiotics.)

If you already use antibiotics for lyme, why use additional antibiotics?

Also take into account that there are different kinds of antibiotics. I don’t know the details, but different kinds of antibiotics work against different types of bacteria. Therefore, your statement that your dentist’s antibiotics would help combat your lyme may be either true or false – you should consult a knowledgeable doctor for an answer to that question.

I’m still wondering about the reason for taking antibiotics for a root canal. As I wrote, I never got them. No-one else ever got them for a root canal. If prescribing antibiotics for a root canal is standard practice, it’s about time to change that standard practice!