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maposch33;50626 wrote: I was diagnosed with Candida on 9/24/13. I have had gas and bloating for at least 10 years and tried many diets. I went to an alternative doctor. He is an DO. He prescribed a Candida Diet for 3 weeks which is similar to the one listed here except it allows coffee, an apple a day and carrots but no apple cider vinegar. He also prescribed many supplements. Diflucan, probiotics (which I already took), colon cleanse, multi-vitamin, vitamin, A, E, buffered C, fish oil, and some more. He also wanted me to do Nutritional and Oxidative IV’s. One problem is he does not deal with insurance. I have to submit claims and so far I have not received any money back after spending much money.

So my first week on the diet I did feel better. However, the second week I did have symptoms and the third week I got sick with cold like symptoms and I was really fatigued. I followed the diet for about 98% of the time only having some pork one night. I only did 2 rounds of the IV’s.

I go back to the Dr. after 3 weeks and he says I should continue with the diet for another 3 weeks and also try to do the IV’s. There are also expensive and take several hours. I feel a little better in week 4 but I do have some symptoms. Some gas and slight cramping in lower abdomen. With some constipation. I think maybe it is more stress related. I do go back for an IV and the nurse says to take CALM (a magnesium drink). I take that one night and I feel the best I felt in a long time the next day. This may be the answer! However, I do have some symptoms in the next few days.

I have given up so much (such as getting together with friends and other things I like) but I still get symptoms. I have the discipline to stick with it but like many other things I tried, they seem to work at first but then symptoms return. So this past weekend I can’t take it anymore and have some Apple Cider with some rum one night, some wine and a beer another. Not much at all and I do continue with the diet otherwise. However, I do have symptoms again. A side not, I did an ab routine 3 days ago. I say that because sometime that seemed to create more pressure with the gas.

Like I said, I tried so hard to be disciplined with diet but yet I still had symptoms. I am ready to give up. I go back to Dr. on Tuesday, 11/5.

I am sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to describe my situation. If anybody has any advice, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, this just seemed like another promising program which in the end, doesn’t work for me.


Sadly, this isn’t a one pill solution out there illness, yet it is to be taken seriously. You are doing well already, reading and asking questions – informing YOURSELF is what ultimately will aid your healing journey. No one but, YOU can do this for you: YOU have to do it yourself. Yes, it’s overwhelming at first – all the conflicting information out there (threelac/fivelac – be yeast free in 14 days! yeah, right!) it’s more than frustrating.

Cold hands and feet are very common with Candida issues. Take your body temp when you feel “okay” and I bet it’s at least a half to a full degree or more lower than 98.6 degrees – I run an average of 97.3 and when it’s around normal (98.6) I feel feverish like. Yes, cold weather just ZAPS all my strength right out of me – which when taken in context of CRC causing a below normal body temp, your getting close to hypothermia territory….I’ve noted on occasion in the mid 95 range!!!!!

KEEP WARM to help your body put that energy into healing, not trying to keep your core temp “normal” when it isn’t “normal” due to CRC to begin with!!!

Blessings along your healing journey!