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catlover345 wrote: I’m still confused. It is apparntly to be made with goats milk.. but i thought all milk was out on this candida diet? also on a site that was posted to buy keifer grains a product to by goat milk grains was next to it.. does the goats milk have to be in grain form?

Can you not buy organic non cows milk kefir somewhere ready made? also.. what about eating the kefir grains instead of making a milk out of it? i am confused on how to make it.

It can be made with any milk, although goat’s milk has benefits over cow’s milk. Milk in general contains a large amount of lactose, which is why it’s not allowed. Kefir bacteria feed on lactose (or the sugar from dried fruit in water kefir), so the finished product is far lower in sugar and instead full of massive amounts of probiotics, the benefits of which outweigh any residual sugars. One reason to make it yourself is to guarantee there’s less sugar by fermenting it long enough. There are few guarantees with commercial products.

You can eat the grains, although I’m not sure what a suitable “dosage” would be. In any case, you’d need to allow them to survive/grow in milk or the water recipe, and it’d be hard to supply even a teaspoon a day without a massive starter amount.