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So it’s been some time since the last update. I went to a dermatologist, and he took a look at my skin rashes. They gave me antibiotics (micocycline), a topical steroid (desoximetasone), and a cream to prevent infections (silver sulfadiazine). They took samples of the rash as well. I took the antibiotics for around 15-20 days, although later, the results from the culture test came back negative on infection. The pills and creams got my arm and ears cleared pretty quick, in about 1 week, I got much better. When I heard back from the results, I continued taking the antibiotics for 1 more week, and quit. It’s been almost a month since then and my skin rashes are gone, some dark marks are still visible, but I imagine that will go away with time.

BUT! My lips are still cracking, and drying, and blistering. I went back to a normal diet, but I’m thinking this might be non-related to what I had on my arms and ears, but something else; maybe vitamin deficiency? I have to say, the breakouts seem to be less often and less severe, unlike the last picture I posted. But something is still affecting me, so I haven’t ruled out Candida yet, maybe I should try the diet again, or spend another bunch of dollars to go to the doctor again, which unfortunately I might have to wait for that.