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Here is where I am today:
– fatigue, vaginal yeast infection, achy joints, blurry vision, foggy brain
I have been feeling really great & have not had these symptoms in several weeks. I’m not sure what brought them on today. I did eat omelette’s with tomatoes in restaurants this wkd

When you’re basically eating nothing that can feed the Candida, and then suddenly you give them food that they can eat and survive on, the symptoms will usually start back. What I’m saying is, the tomatoes are probably the reason you’re experiencing the return of your symptoms.

– Vitamin C 1000mg’s

You should raise the vitamin C to at least 3000 mg a day.

grapefruit seed extract or oil of oregano

Since you’re already taking a probiotic, you need to stop the GSE all together, otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

I’m not sure if I should start all over again with the strict diet by eliminating oat bran, buckwheat bread & coconut manna and only eat eggs & veggies as listed for 2 weeks then take vitamins as listed on protocol – suggestions ?

No need to start all over; just continue as you are, but eliminate the tomatoes of course.

I have all of the vitamins listed. What is the schedule for taking them ? Are there vitamins that should be combined ? Not combined ? Do I take some in the morning with breakfast, some with lunch, some with dinner ? Or all at once ? There are so many to take it’s overwhelming !!

That information is in the Vitamims & Minerals post. It’s alright to combine the vitamins and it’s noted in the post as far as which ones should definitely be combined. If you have questions concerning a specific vitamin, please ask it here. You don’t need to start them all at one time either.