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jennyska wrote: Hi Able 🙂
I do have a question for you – you know I was a vegetarian and I am continuing now – but I have found myself slowly not being interested in any animal protein whatsoever – I want to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but there is one thing I am concerned about – how to combine this diet with vegan lifestyle ? I was thinking mostly veggies, ocassionaly fruit in little portions, buckwheat and some other grains such as brown rice, quinoa again in little portions, some nuts (soaked overnight). I am a bit worried about protein so I was thinking : beans and beancurd(well , tofu) and “milk” such as almond, soy ? Plus of course antifungals and probiotics. I am aware that this way it will take longer to heal, but please be aware that I want to continue like this for a long time – adopt a lifestyle. What do you think > What should I do or not ?
Thank you,

Hi Jenny,
if I am not mistaken, Able will surly correct that, have avocados a lot of protein.
I read somewhere that one avocado covers you daily need. I eat more than that anyhow. I love them. If you want to use nuts, I know Able will tell you that they contain often mould. Here is a question to Able from me. Would it be possible to soak nuts in water with Hydrogen peroxide? Or have the nuts in the oven and warm them for about 10 Min in 100 degrees Celsius?