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Able900 wrote: Since you’ve already started having some of the die-off symptoms, I would go ahead and start it now. Just go by the instructions on the container. If the headaches, etc. don’t go away by the second day, let me know how much you’re taking.

Stick in there, you’re doing great, Thomas, and I can tell that you’re serious about and dedicated to the treatment, which is what it takes to reach a cure.


Able, I took the first molybdenum this morning. Why I ask you about taking them without having die-off is that for the first time in years I woke up in the morning and cant find anything wrong with me. No problems in the stomach, no headache, no dizzy-ness, no anus itching, no eyes itching, no problems in the heart region, no depression, no feelings of incontinence. I feel great!

But I had the same experience last week and then the symptoms came back.

But what I noticed in the last two weeks I am here in the forum is that the entire direction was positive, I felt better and better.

In my mind I am only afraid to be happy, I cant believe its true. I really hope it stays that way.

all the best to you and million thanks to you and raster