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jennyska wrote: …the only worry I have is that whatever you say its good I have to have is posted to the UK from America, which is expensive and it takes at least 3 weeks.. The problem is, that I dont find any of the things you mention on the UK sites, so what I wanted to ask is would it be still worth it to take it in 3 weeks or a months time ? I will try to exercise till then to at least remove some of the toxins from my body.
And the last question I hope 🙂 is can I drink sparkling water ? because everywhere its written thats ok.

Jenny, if you can’t obtain the molybdenum yet, I’d rather you use a sauna or even a tub of hot water for soaking rather than trying to remove the toxins with exercise. Walking and other mild exercises are fine, but you don’t need to do excessive physical workouts, the type that make you perspire in other words. Over-exercising during an illness such as a Candida albicans infestation weakens the immune system further than it’s already weakened because of the infestation. Rest is actually more important than exercise at this time.

The problem with sparkling water is that it’s carbonated, this means that carbon dioxide gas was used to make the drink; this means that the gas was dissolved in the liquid. Carbon dioxide is nothing but a waste product, in other words just another toxin for the liver to deal with in addition to all the toxins the Candida releases. The gases will only benefit the Candida, not you. Also, when mixed with water it forms carbonic acid which depletes minerals from the teeth and bones.

Have you looked into purchasing any of the products from the “Amazon UK” website? For example, this brand of molybdenum is acceptable.